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Our experts are always prepared for every contingency as economic and market situations, or opportunities, may change. We focus on helping clients identify the best ways to execute their projects for the most beneficial outcomes. With an insider’s eye on things, our team of experts makes sure we are always ahead of the curve.


Vision is a highly integrated results-driven team of import specialists, legal experts, accountants, technicians, marketing and branding consultants, language experts, cultural advisors, and coaching masters. Our professionals are experienced in all the ins and outs of establishing and promoting new projects within their fields of expertise. We work in close concert with all of our clients and are fully adept at recognizing problems and taking advantage of opportunities to achieve maximum benefit.

Vision’s Strength



Vision is focused on businesses which are poised for exponential and sustained growth in today’s emerging markets. Our creative sourcing and technology experts pride themselves on their ability to be first in finding next year’s most innovative ideas before the competition. Vision offers first class services in technology, machinery, mass products and beyond, offering our expertise to a wide spectrum of growth industries. We represent foreign brands in the fashion, logistics, and design industries, helping them lay solid foundations and expand in emerging markets. Through high quality outsourcing and manufacturing choices and effective branding, business development and marketing strategies, we help our clients build success-driven projects to ensure they always stay on top. Thanks to the wide knowledge of the territory we operate in, its institutional and private high level relations, we implement negotiations for merging & acquisition transactions, always ensuring a win-win situation.


Our targeted cross-cultural approach leverages our personal and business connections for maximum benefit to our clients. Our analysts stay continually abreast of new developments in technology and trade laws through intimate professional relationships in Asia, Middle East, Europe and throughout the world. We uncover growth opportunities in all sectors to help our clients identify the best services, products and market them in the most effective ways possible.

Business Development, Business Operations Supervision and Control, Strategy Definition, Coaching, Merging & Acquisitions, Contracts Negotiation, Foresight Driven Outsourcing, Quality Control, Supplier Research and Vetting, Client/Supplier Communications.

Strategy Planning, Concept Definition, Branding, Marketing and Design.

Energy Efficiency and Monitoring Systems, Renewable Energy (Wind/Hydro/Solar), Environmental Protection Technologies, Processes to Retrieve Valuable Materials and Energy from Waste.

Logistics and Warehouse Management, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Exporting, Retail Operations Setup (Planning and Execution).

Regenerative Combustion Systems, Flaring Systems, Engineering Solutions for Oil&Gas and Petrochemical Industry, Laboratories Instrumentation.

Machinery, Combustion Systems, Waste to Energy and to Valuable Materials.

Extrusion and recycling machinery.

modus operandi


Through our network of professional local contacts we always keep our finger on the pulse of what´s going on. Our sales-driven marketing and promotional campaigns put our clients´ products on the map and keep them there. Effective marketing helps our clients increase their revenues and grow their businesses exponentially.
We set up our clients´ businesses in the most cost effective fashion, legally navigating host country bureaucracy and cutting through red tape. We make it easier to get started so our clients can start making money.
Our financial experts utilize interactive database solutions to effectively analyze data and ensure that all information is available, in all the right formats, in order to make wise, informed decisions. We understand that accurate information is important to good decision making and that how one looks at things can be as important as what they are looking at.
We help our clients to understand, assess and develop strategies so their money is spent effectively and efficiently to reduce risk and maximize profits.
Our hands-on approach ensures that projects are executed to our clients´ specifications and on schedule. We understand that maintaining control means being there. And we are.
Our certified coach team will support you in your business by facilitating the achievement of your professional goals and increasing the performance and alignment of your staff. Through Vision’s support you will always be in control of your goals.
We take care of everything for a smooth set up. From location sourcing, real estate contracts and legal issues to hiring contractors for renovation and remodeling — we help make our clients´ dreams become reality.
We facilitate smooth and accurate communication between our clients and locals in the countries they are operating in navigating culture, laws and traditions at all strata: government, management, media, manufacturing and workforce.
Siamo attrezzati per creare uffici virtuali senza carta per i nostri clienti che gestiscono la creazione di documenti, archiviazione e recupero, nonché le comunicazioni aziendali intra ed interrelazioni efficaci e tempestive.

Foresight Cooperation


We work with a diverse network of professionals, tapping into a wide range of expertise across many fields. We make informed decisions by keeping meticulously abreast of changes in the industry and the marketplace. Our clients achieve maximum access and benefit though their relationship with us.

Given Us Confidence


We work with a wide variety of clients that have one thing in common: the desire to seize opportunities and strategically develop their businesses in growth industries and emerging markets. If this sounds like you – or if you’re looking for expertise concerning any aspect of conducting your business oversees – please contact us.



Paolo A. Volpe
Founder and CEO
Mauro Abbondanza
Marketing & Communication
Flavio Cali
Research & Coaching
Christian Elia
Strategic Consultant & Coach
Franco Tinti
Technology Scouting
Adam Ritchie
Business Development
Goeun Lee
Fashion & Retail



Costech INTERNATIONAL S.p.A. – The Company operates in the “ecoenergetic” sector, has developed in collaboration with ENEA (Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development) a hydrometallurgical process with low environmental impact for the total recovery of the constituent materials of spent lead acid batteries. Vision Ltd has acquired shares of the company, set up a company under Chinese law, designed the development project for Asia, introduced Chinese partners, carried on fund raising for the construction of the first plant in China. In addition to hydrometallurgical process for the treatment of exhausted batteries, Vision Ltd is the exclusive representative in Asia of Costech’s VOC abatement systems, and elemental analysis instrumentations. www.costech.net


ENEA – National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. Vision represented the Agency during the exhibition CIEPEC 2009 in Beijing, promoting an innovative patent for the treatment of non-ferrous metals; in 2011 the ENEA’s environmental technologies unit has given to Vision the task of identifying research programs in PRC in need of technical and scientific support , where to apply the know-how of the organization. www.enea.it


CONFCERAMICA – National Industrial Confederation for Ceramic, the Association activities include a range of information services, advice and assistance on key issues of interest to companies in the Italian ceramic industry. Vision has worked with Confceramica for the creation of newsletters on the present situation of Chinese ceramic industry, its production technologies, market, exports and prices; www.confindustriaceramica.it


CENTRO SVILUPPO MATERIALI S.p.A. – The company for over 40 years has operated in the steel industry and materials for energy, with specific expertise in environmental and power generation. Vision Ltd has assisted the CSM for the opening of a representative office in Beijing; www.c-s-m.it

DANIELI & C. O.M. S.p.A.

DANIELI & C. O.M. S.p.A. – A leading worldwide supplier of steel plants. Vision Ltd promotes, through its contacts in the steel industry, Danieli process to treat and recycle all solid waste from steel mills, whether in the integrated or electric furnace process. www.danieli.com


TECNOCENTRO S.p.A. – Italian group for the supply of turnkey systems and services in the energy and environmental fields. Vision Ltd, in cooperation with Chinese steel group, is negotiating the establishment of a cooperation agreement between the two groups for the construction of waste treatment and recovery of waste oils and oil sludge produced in the steel plants. www.tecnocentro.it


GAM OIL & GAS Spa – Company operating in the large plants sector since 1998, counts among its customers some of the most important national and international companies in the field of engineering and contracting of large plants. The company is specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of components for chemical, petrochemical and general industrial applications. Vision Ltd. on behalf of GAM looks for Chinese manufacturers in order to outsource high quality materials with international standards and system components for the local market. www.gamoilgas.com

LAVO srl

LAVO srl – The company has more than 35 years of history in the field of surface treatments. The wide range of machines manufactured includes ultrasonic cleaning of large and small sizes, spray washing systems with rotary table, with self-learning robots, with noria, with aerial chain or conveyor belt; hydrokinetic cleaning machines; systems with conveyor cochlea; degreasing solvent, vacuum systems, drying ovens. Vision Ltd. is the exclusive representative of LAVO in China, carrying out activities of research of end customers and partners for cooperation. www.lavosrl.com


PRUSSIANI ENGINEERING srl – The company is specialized in the production of machines for marble, granite and stone in general, Bridge Saws and Numerical Control Working Centres. The company owns a patent called “Cut & Move” that facilitates the work to the customer in the movement of parts during cutting, reduces the time and can help to increase production. This system is programmed into the software in the design phase, deciding also the direction and the distance of the displacement with one or two cups, depending on the size of the piece. Vision has received the exclusive agency for the promotion of the machinery in North China, also seeking joint ventures with local manufacturers for the manufacture of mechanical parts in order to reduce the final costs and be more competitive in the Chinese market. www.prussiani.com


SAPI Ltd – Since 1983 Sapi deals with industrial combustion and has technical staff with years of experience working on combustion plants. Sapi is engaged in research, testing and implementation of combustion equipment to be installed in machines for different industrial production cycles. Sapi can provide a complete service for the design, the dimensioning and implementation of any combustion plant. Vision is the exclusive partner in China to search for customers and partners of industrial cooperation, as well as provide marketing and promotion aimed to the Chinese market. www.sapicombustion.com


DELTA INTERIOR, Shanghai -http://www.deltainterior.com –
Delta Interior Design is leader in aircraft interior complete services, both for general aviation (helicopters and business jets included) and airline premium classes projects. Vision promotes toward personal contacts and builds a portfolio of potential customers , plans and executes a business strategy for Greater China


BGroup www.bgrouplogistics.com
Bgroup is is an international logistic company leader in apparel-related logistics business by serving major fashion brands in Europe and Asia; the project includes a feasibility study of new revenue streams, planning and execution of innovative solutions for adding value services. Vision covers the role of Business Development management for the group for Asia, Europe and MEA.


SAMIA Srl – Engineering Company in the field of industrial combustion worldwide since the ’50s. Vision Ltd collaborates with Samia since 2006 offering its services for the evaluation of potential partners, providing operational support to the Beijing office, administration and project management of various projects; www.samiasrl.com


MARIOFRIGERIO S.p.A. – The company is industry leader in the design and construction of machines for the drawing. Vision Ltd has presented customers for the sale of machines for wire drawing and stranding steel wire in the area of Chongqing and to a large steel group of northeast China; www.mariofrigerio.com


TECHIMP SpA – leading electrical engineering company in possession of the highest technology for the monitoring and control of electrical systems; Vision Ltd has opened a representative office in Beijing, selected personnel, created a network of agents and distributors, introduced customers in local Chinese Power Grids and partners for the sales and distribution; www.techimp.com


THETIS S.p.A. – Company founded by Consorzio Venezia Nuova for the management of the heritage and environment of Venice lagoon, covering several sectors and offering technologies for sustainable development. In China Thetis has achieved some important projects supported by the inter-ministerial cooperation program. Vision Ltd carries out scouting, administrative oversight and promotion; presented potential partners in the environmental sector and in the ITS (Intelligent Transportation System). www.thetis.it



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